Ag Containers:
We have you covered.

From Dairy Services, to Crop Services to Farming, Centurion offers nationwide collection of empty IBCs and a wide range of reconditioned and new packaging for agricultural chemicals through our expanded location in Hampton, Iowa.To learn more contact our dedicated industry specialist Renee Savageau at or (763) 453-1366

Empty IBC Collection

Our Hampton facility is dedicated to receive empty Ag IBCs as part of our Full Circle Collection Program. To request collection of call or email our customer service department at (708) 713-4329 ext 106; If you have multiple locations we can help create a coordinated account for your organization to simplify pickup arrangements. Pickups are free from most locations in truckload quantities. Less than truckload pickups require a minimum of 8 units; call or email for details.

Fast and Easy Service

Your pickup request sets us in motion. Our customer service department commits to starting your process within one business day, and works with a wide range of logistics providers to complete your pickup quickly. Our documents are customized for ag containers and easy to complete for DOT compliant shipping.

Composite IBCs:
Quality and Quantity

We offer 275 gallon, 330 gallon and 135 gallon rebottled and new composite IBCs, available with a variety of valve options, including check-style for backflow prevention. Tamper evident cap seals available with a range of lid styles.  

Wash and return services may be arranged for some materials.

Trailer seals with traceable lot IDs available to meet quality program requirements.

Contact Renee Savageau at or (763) 453-1366 to discuss your service needs and packaging specifications. 

All the Extras

Centurion offers a wide range of new and reconditioned packaging and supplies.
Contact us for a specification and quote:

  • New steel pails, plastic pails, jerricans and buckets
  • Reconditioned and new plastic and steel drums, 15, 30 and 55 gallons
  • Salvage drums, 85 gallons
  • Vermiculite absorbent for spill control and response
  • Parts and accessories, including lids, bungs, cap seals, cap wrenches