Reusable Industrial Packaging Association (RIPA)

RIPA, originally known as NABADA, has represented the container reconditioning industry since 1942, founded by a group of family-owned companies across the United States who pioneered steel drum reconditioning amidst World War II and a widespread growth in the use of steel drums for oil and chemicals.  RIPA is the only trade association in the US representing the container reconditioning industry, and it is a founding member of the International Confederation of Container Reconditioners (ICCR), which represents the global reconditioning industry throughout the world.

Centurion is proud to be not only a current member, but also to be led by a management team with a rich legacy of leadership roles within RIPA spanning several decades.  Elliot Pearlman, Centurion’s Chairman, served as Chairman and for numerous terms on the Board of Directors.  Mr. Pearlman was a featured speaker at many RIPA conferences in the US, as well as the international ICCR conferences across the globe.  Mike Chorpash, Centurion’s President and CEO, served as an Executive Committee member, Finance Chairman, and Product Committee Chairman for over 15 years.  Mike Porreca, Centurion’s Director of Operations, served on the Board of Directors for numerous terms.  Both Mr. Pearlman and Mr. Porreca were honored with RIPA’s Morris Hershson lifetime achievement award.  Kay Robinson, Centurion’s SHEQ Director, served on the Board of Directors and has worked with RIPA staff on several industry-wide regulatory and technical projects.  

Currently, Centurion is represented on the RIPA Board of Directors by John Smyth, VP of Sales, and on Executive Committee by Mike Chorpash.

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