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49 CFR Part 173 Shippers – General Requirements for Shipments and Packagings

Subpart A General
Subpart B Preparation of Hazardous Materials for Transportation
Subpart D Definitions, Classifications, Packing Group Assignments and Exceptions
Subpart F Bulk Packaging for Hazardous Materials Other than  Class 1 and Class 7

49 CFR Part 178 Specifications for Packagings

Subpart N IBC Performance Oriented Standards

178.700 Purpose, Scope and Definitions
178.702 IBC Codes
178.703 Marking of IBCs
178.704 General IBC Standards
178.707 Standards for composite IBCs

Subpart O Testing of IBCs

49 CFR Part 180 Continuing Qualification and Maintenance of Packagings

Subpart D Qualification and Maintenance of IBCs

180.350 Applicability and definitions
180.351 Qualifications of IBCs
180.352 Requirements for retest and inspection of IBCs