Reconditioning, repair and recertification of all plastic and metal IBCs. Fully compliant with 49 CFR 180.352. Wide range of replacement parts and accessories including valves, platforms and stands, adaptors, bulkheads, bungs, clamps, couplings, elbows, lids, caps, nipples and vents.​
Contact Centurion’s Asset Container specialist​, Dale Chesser for more information at​

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We service a wide range of all plastic rigid, all metal, and heavyweight composite IBCs, including the examples below

Snyder Square​ Stackable

Snyder​ Ultratainer​

Hoover APR​

Clawson​ Rock Tote

Bonar Mark​ Series​

Snyder Megatainer​

Stainless Steel​

Hoover Tuff Tank​ and Tuff Tank II